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encroachment department

Department head नरेंद्र चव्हाण
Telephone / mobile number   8422811370 
E-mail encroachment @mbmc.gov.in

In order to control and eliminate unauthorized construction and encroachment in Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation area, the head office and ward office have been divided into two areas. All the complaints received from the office are sent to the ward officer with priority and the report of the action taken after verification is taken from the ward officer. Deputy Commissioner (At.) And Hon. Commissioner Sao. Is being presented to.

Nature, Duties and Responsibilities of the Encroachment Department

In order to curb encroachment and unauthorized construction in Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation area, procedures and responsibilities have been fixed as mentioned in the attached file.

A total of four wards of Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation area have been established. These four wards are in charge of four ward officers. Unauthorized Construction / Encroachment Control / Elimination Squad has been set up at ward level in each ward. A team of junior engineers and laborers has been formed under each ward officer. It is the responsibility of the concerned ward officer to take action against encroachments and completely unauthorized constructions under the ward.

Ma. Government Circular No. from Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department. As per Thampa / 2008 / Q.No.05 / 2008 / Navi-23 / Dt.28 / 02/2008 Office orders from Hon'ble Commissioner no. Municipal Corporation / Commissioner / 05 / 2008-09 As on 01/04/2008, 38 clerks of tax department have been appointed as beat inspectors. The Beat Inspector from the Tax Department submits a written report on the ongoing unauthorized construction / encroachment to the Ward Officer and submits a copy to the Head Office.

If the Ward Officer inspects the unauthorized construction and the available records and finds it unsatisfactory, a notice under Section 260 of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, 1949 is issued to the concerned and further action is taken by the Ward Officer and the Designated Officer.

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